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We specialize in clean mouths. [entries|friends|calendar]
We specialize in clean mouths.

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[5. 22. 06 // @ 6 : 22 pm]

You with the teeth!
Check out this community.
It is tre awesome.


MOD/Spam [10. 18. 05 // @ 7 : 52 pm]

I can spam.
Because my name is sam.
Suck it!
Then join this community porvafor<3


yum, clean teeths. [10. 2. 05 // @ 8 : 09 pm]

[ mood | tired ]

so, today I went to rite aid to go get something and I bought a traveling tooth brush for a dollar fifty. it's purple and pretty and it's home is my purse. So now I have a tooth brush and floss in there.

I was going to buy some of that lemon ice tooth paste but I didn't have enough moneys. I came home and my mom asked me what I got and then she said that she would get me some of the tooth paste because it was on sale for, get this, 97 cents at CVS. That is crazy.

I just tried it and it is good, but I think I like the vanilla better.


some questions [9. 26. 05 // @ 1 : 21 pm]

Do any of you know what products are safe to bleach your teeth with?
I don't really plan on bleaching my teeth, but you never know.

How many of you use that fortifing stuff for your teeth? You know, that stuff that they made you use in like the first grade?

Oh, and you know those tooth pencils that they give you at the dentist office, do you know were you can buy those?


I have a ranch tooth [9. 25. 05 // @ 1 : 36 pm]

Okay, first off, I'd like to say that I had a tooth brush for a month, and I thought it was so groudy that I walked to the store, with the money that I had saved for something I really wanted, and I bought a new tooth brush and vanilla tooth paste. I'm also the girl the brushed her teeth for like a half an hour just because the brush made a giggleing sound. I'm also the chick that demands mouth wash in her christmas stalking each year.AND I wanted to become a dentail higentist when I was 12 because I loved the smell of the dentist office. My dad was freaked out at how much I loved going to the dentist.

Name: Leah Dawn
Age: 15
Location: Westbrook Maine
Have you ever had braces:no, my teeth are freakishly straight
If so, for how many years:I had a space maintainer for like 6 months once when I was like 9.
What's your favorite toothpaste: vanilla, it's either crest or coldgate. I'm not quite sure, I only buy those two anyways. I hated the foaming stuff that my mom bought because it tasted like cough medicin, but julia was in love with it... weirdo.
Favorite mouthwash: Crest alcohol free.
What color is/are your toothbrush(es):Black and green

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and of course I will advertise. I am an Ad whore.

[9. 25. 05 // @ 2 : 19 pm]

one two three.
testicular cancer.

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