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Leah Dawn

I have a ranch tooth

Okay, first off, I'd like to say that I had a tooth brush for a month, and I thought it was so groudy that I walked to the store, with the money that I had saved for something I really wanted, and I bought a new tooth brush and vanilla tooth paste. I'm also the girl the brushed her teeth for like a half an hour just because the brush made a giggleing sound. I'm also the chick that demands mouth wash in her christmas stalking each year.AND I wanted to become a dentail higentist when I was 12 because I loved the smell of the dentist office. My dad was freaked out at how much I loved going to the dentist.

Name: Leah Dawn
Age: 15
Location: Westbrook Maine
Have you ever had braces:no, my teeth are freakishly straight
If so, for how many years:I had a space maintainer for like 6 months once when I was like 9.
What's your favorite toothpaste: vanilla, it's either crest or coldgate. I'm not quite sure, I only buy those two anyways. I hated the foaming stuff that my mom bought because it tasted like cough medicin, but julia was in love with it... weirdo.
Favorite mouthwash: Crest alcohol free.
What color is/are your toothbrush(es):Black and green

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and of course I will advertise. I am an Ad whore.
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